Hush Companions

Hush Companions

A simple way to maximize your experience is to always act like a gentlemen. Treating the ladies with respect will not only serve to ensure the best possible time for you but it is expected of you to be respectful at all times.

Our ladies strive to always be at their best. This accounts for not just their attitude, but their personal care and hygiene as well. The ladies will expect you to return the favour in kind. Please be fresh and well groomed prior to your arrival for the appointment.

Ladies have the right to terminate an appointment at anytime at their own discretion if they feel unsafe in anyway. Some of the reasons this may happen include but are not limited to, showing signs of intoxication from either alcohol or drugs, being rude or aggressive, poor hygiene, or attempting to have the lady reveal private information such as their person contact details.

We want your date to be everything you dreamed it would be and the ladies are here to meet your every fantasy. To ensure you can put business aside and get down to knowing each other better, ensure your date is paid discretely at the beginning of the encounter. Please have this ready right away, do not make your companion ask for it. It is our policy that your date ensure the payments accuracy: please do not be offended.

It is important not to request or pressure a lady to stay overtime. We allocate time accordingly to ensure the lady does not feel rushed during her day. Even a few minutes can create undo stress for the lady and potentially create delays for possible future appointments throughout the day. Your time is valuable and you would not appreciate being delayed as result of someone else’s actions so do ensure to act accordingly.

Please ensure to provide the booking agent with accurate instructions regarding your locations. If it is a hotel or personal residence, your address and unit number if applicable, are there multiple entrance or towers if so which one do we access, does the elevator require key cards access etc. Be as detailed as possible with the booking agent at the time of making the appointment to ensure prompt arrival time.

Hush Companions

You may pay prior to your appointment by Email Money Transfer or you may pay the lady directly at the start of your date in cash ~ We accept Canadian or American currency. If you are paying by Email Money Transfer ensure to mention this to the booking agent when coordinating your date.

The ladies we represent have chosen to work with our agency for their safety, personal security and above all their anonymity. Same as yourself the ladies we represent wish to keep their personal lives private and the best way to do this is to ensure their personal contact information remain private. Asking for one of our companions we represent contact information during a session will be taken with great offence by the companion and result if you no longer being welcome visit ladies or use our services in the future.

Yes the ladies photos are real. In addition to providing the upmost care for the ladies we represent we strive to build lasting relationships with the clientele we serve, and the best way to accomplish this is by being honest and transparent in all our dealing.

100% yes. Privacy and discretion are two of the fundamental operating principals within our agency. Rest assured your personal and private information will never be shared, distributed, or compromised in anyway whatsoever.

Going above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for both the ladies and the clientele are externally important to our business model and what sets us apart from other agencies. We not only want your feedback but appreciate its value. Should your encounter not goes as expected or promised we ask you follow up with us right away so we may address the matter to the best of our ability to make things right.

We take great care and pride in selecting companions that are best suited to work with us. Intelligence, great personality and beauty are just a few of the many defining characteristic you can expect from our companions. That said we feel that all ladies are unique as is the individual booking an encounter with them. We have found that no one persons’ tastes and or preferences are the same and therefore do not feel any one companion is better than the other but rather potentially just a better fit. Feel free to speak to one of our booking agents so we may find you the perfect match for you.